Prima Group recognises that it must successfully tackle the problems created by nuisance and anti-social behaviour. Your Housing Officer will investigate every report of neighbour nuisance and give advice and where appropriate, action will be taken.

Our actions show any current or future tenants that we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will take action, including Injunctions, ASBO’s, Demoted Tenancy Orders, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and where necessary evictions to deal with neighbour nuisance.

You can make a referral or seek advice from Prima Group if you are affected by Anti-Social Behaviour. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

+ What is ASB?

“Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour” is defined as behaviour which disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of another, either directly in the form of ‘harassment’ – where one or a number of individuals select a specific individual as a target for nuisance behaviour, or generally, where disturbance can be caused by individuals or groups in a locality that presents a disruption to the lives of others.

+ What should you do if you are suffering from ASB?

Once we receive your complaint we will log it and begin our investigation. It does help if we have detailed evidence of times, dates and names (if possible) so we would urge you to keep a diary of all incidences of anti social behaviour you witness.