As a tenant you have rights and responsibilities, the Tenancy Agreement you signed when you moved into your home details what these are.

A summary of the key tenancy conditions are shown below. We have a number of different types of tenancy agreement in place, depending on how long you have been a tenant, where you live and the type of home you live in, please get in touch if you want more detailed information about your own tenancy and any specific conditions that may be in place.

Tenancy Guide

What are your rights?

  • We cannot evict you or move you from your home without a good reason

  • We will provide a maintenance and repairs service

  • We will ask you about decisions which will affect your home

  • We will consult you about housing management decisions which will affect you or change your tenancy agreement

  • You can take in lodgers if you have our written permission

  • If you want to exchange your home with another tenant, you can do so, but there are certain conditions that you must meet

  • You can see information about you which we hold

  • In some cases, a partner or relative who is living with you can take over your tenancy if you die

  • In some cases, you are able to buy your home

What are your responsibilities?

You must:

  • Pay your rent and other charges when due

  • Make sure you, as well as your family and any visitors, do not harass or cause concern to neighbours or others in the local community – we want tenants to be good neighbours

  • Use the property as your main home

  • Look after your home, keep your home and garden clean and tidy

  • Ask permission before altering or improving your home

  • Have consent before sub-letting part of your home

  • Not use your home for illegal purposes

  • Allow our team access to your home to carry out repairs and any checks, such as the annual gas service

Your tenancy agreement will explain your responsibilities in more detail.

If you are struggling to manage your home, or meet your tenancy conditions, please get in touch and we will try our best to help.