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The Warm Home Discount is a government-backed scheme, which provides households who receive certain benefits with additional financial support towards their electricity bill. This year’s discount is £140 and will be paid towards the end of March 2019.

There are two groups who can apply – the Core Group and the Broader Group:

  • The Core Group is for those of pensionable age and in receipt of the guarantee element of pension credit. If you are in the Core Group, you will receive a letter directly from the Department for Work & Pensions confirming this. Please check your letter as it may say that you need to call a helpline to confirm your details.
  • The Broader Group is for those on a low income or those who get certain benefits. If you are in the Broader Group, you’ll need to stay with your supplier until it’s paid to get the discount. Only the Broader Group needs to apply. Your supplier will decide who will get the discount, depending on their own eligibility criteria.

Top suppliers include: