Maintenance on Leasowe Estate

Following several queries regarding estate maintenance, we would like to update residents on responsibilities and specification. 

We are responsible for a number of green spaces on the estate, but not all. In the areas we are responsible for, we have M&Y Maintenance to carry out the work. Please see the map provided to confirm which areas belong to us (bright green).  

M&Y have two permanent members of staff working on the estate and will bring in more operatives when the workload dictates. M&Y staff have access to the following equipment: 

  • 2 Honda HRX 536 Pro Mowers  

  • 2 Bull Horn FS 410 C-EM Grass Trimmers (STIHL) 

  • 2 Leaf Blower’s BR 600 (STIHL) 

  • 2 Hedge Cutters HS 82 T (STIHL)  

  • 1 Long-reach Hedge Cutter HL 92 KC-E (STIHL)  

  • 1 Iseki SXG 326 Ride on Mower  

  • 1 CP3 Weed Sprayer

The specification is for generally 12 visits over the year. Work will commence around the 10th of each month (depending on weather conditions). Work will start by Ravenhill Crescent, moving through the estate by Twickenham Drive, around to Drake Road and finish off by Grant Road and Scoresby Road

The next cut is due to begin week commencing 10 June 2019

We are working very closely with M&Y to improve the look of the estate, as well as with our investment team to improve or remove dilapidated fencing that we are responsible for.  

M&Y are unable to maintain the grassed areas where car bumpers are over kerbs due to the risk of damage to cars. We would appreciate it if you could park your car within any bays so that we can always reach the edge of the grass. 

Wirral Borough Council are responsible for pathways, highways and a number of green spaces. WBC state that they cut verges every three weeks from mid-March to October, except during May to June when this is every four weeks due to workload from extra growth. Weed spraying is carried out three times a year between May and October. If you wish to check when verges were last cut, you can search by street name here - You can also use this website to report any areas that have not been treated. 

If you would like to report any areas for specific action that Prima are responsible for, please email us at with Leasowe Gardening as your subject.