Works going ahead on Liverpool and Leasowe properties!


Bell Group Ltd have been successful with the tender for the External Repair and Painting Programme. The works are taking place at Liverpool and Leasowe properties throughout the rest of 2018 and the start of 2019.

There are two separate contracts for the works, both lasting 16 weeks. Bell’s have been on site over the past couple of weeks taking initial measurements and work has now started.

Initial areas where works are taking place are:

  • Liverpool – Brighton Vale, Brownmoor Lane, Blisworth Street and Meadow Hey

  • Leasowe – Drake Road, Farmside and Castle Close

Letters have gone out to tenants informing them of the scheduled work and contractors will be sending out a follow-up letter nearer the time of the works going ahead.

Later in the year, works will also be taking place at:

  • Liverpool – Abbeyfield Drive, Alderson Road, Ash Street, Bridge Road, Cambridge Road, Capricorn Crescent, Daniel Close, Downing Road, Eagle Hall Road, Edington Street, Foxglove Close, Greenbank Drive, Gresham Street, Grosvenor Road, Hollocombe Road, Hornby Road, Inglis Road, Ismay Road, Linacre Road, New Fort Way, Olton Road, Pilot Grove, Prior Street, Pembroke Road, Richland Road, Sefton Road, Waterloo Street and Willowmeade Road

  • Leasowe – Blackheath Drive, Raleigh Road, Reeds Avenue East, Reeds Avenue West, Reeds Lane, Murrayfield Drive, Ravenhill Crescent, Twickenham Drive and Wakefield Drive

If you are a tenant and you have any queries or you need the contact details of a certain contractor, please get in touch with us on 0151 227 1001 and we will do our best to help you.

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