Looking After Your Boiler

A well maintained boiler means you won’t be spending money you shouldn’t be spending on bills.

Annual Service

Your boiler should be serviced once a year by an engineer listed on the Gas Safe Register, even if it seems to be in working order. The engineer will usually check all the parts and clean the components. 

It’s a good idea to arrange the service before the cold weather strikes, so you can be sure your boiler can take the strain of the winter months.

Regularly Run Your Heating

You should regularly run your heating for 10-15 minutes during the summer months to stop your boiler from seizing up.

Bleed Your Radiators

If you don’t bleed your radiators then your radiators aren’t as efficient as they should be. Click here to read our guide on bleeding radiators.

Blue Flame

The flame in your boiler should be a strong, clear blue. If your flame is yellow or smoky then there could be something wrong and you should get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Carbon Monoxide

Faulty boilers can produce carbon monoxide - a gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. You should have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, preferably with an alarm. You should place your carbon monoxide detectors near to your boiler and check it every month to make sure it’s working.

Check for Faults

Leaks, cracks, clunking noises or black, sooty marks all suggest you have a problem. So check your boiler regularly and look out for warning signs. The sooner you detect and repair a fault, the better. It’s also wise to make sure that any external vents, flues and airbricks are free from blockages and debris.