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Pierhead Housing Association and Leasowe Community Homes confirm they have come together to form a new Group.

Two Housing Associations have today confirmed they have come together to form a new Group and will be known as Prima Group. Leasowe Community Homes is formerly a subsidiary of Your Housing Group.

A detailed review of options was carried out in 2016, and PHA was selected as LCH’s preferred partner. As well as a similar geography, both organisations share similar values and a strong commitment to helping local people achieve their housing aspirations.

“While we’re strong and successful organisations and covet our independence, we believe that together we can achieve much more and grow in strength, allowing us to prepare for an increasingly challenging policy landscape”, said Paul Smith Chair of PHA.

Anita Leech Chair of LCH added: “Both Associations are committed to building more new homes to help tackle the housing crisis and enhance services within our neighbourhoods. In joining forces we hope to build on our respective reputations for being local community focused and customer centred and further develop our track records for value for money, quality and innovation.”

Brian Cronin, Chief Executive of Your Housing Group, added: “Leasowe Community Homes has been part of Your Housing Group since we formed in 2012. In 2016 we started a group wide consultation, which is on-going and will review every aspect of our business. From this process it became clear that Leasowe Community Homes had its own aspirations, and therefore the logical step for all involved was to demerge, which we fully supported and wish Prima Group every success.”

The new Group will allow both Associations to use their shared strength and efficiency to meet the range of housing needs across Merseyside and Cheshire and further strengthen its presence on the Wirral by delivering much needed new homes and services.